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More Business Lessons from My Hairdresser

What is it with hairdressers and my business education – the universe must be telling me something.

You may remember a few months ago my previous hairdresser simply closed his doors – leaving me gobsmacked when I arrived for my next trim only to find him long gone.

No note – no forwarding address – just up and shut the shop.

Well you will be happy to know I have found a replacement stylist – only to find more business lessons lurking behind every snip.

I lobbed on the new guy at about 2pm last Saturday – it is a no appointment place – you know the format – you just show up and wait your turn.

He seemed a bit rushed and looked keen to leave for the day when I barged into the salon – but when I asked if he had time for a quick cut he said:

“OK mate come in – I have been trying to close the doors since midday but will squeeze you in.”

I was very appreciative and during the cut we started chatting about his day, his new business and how it was going – then he said:

“I am supposed to be at my daughters birthday party – it started at 12.30 – but what can you do?”.

This signalled alarm bells for me as I immediately thought this guy was making one of the cardinal business mistakes – and one I hope you NEVER make.

He was putting a monetary value on his family time !!!!

He could have easily closed the doors at midday – told the waiting clients that he was finishing up and made the party on time – a family function he may never forget.

Instead he choose to work an extra couple of hours – cutting peoples hair – missing the birthday party just to make an extra $100.

Do you see the problem here?

It is easy as a business owner to be seduced by the “make hay while the sun shines”, and “a bird in the hand” rubbish that makes many business owners too scared to draw their own line in the sand when it comes to work life balance.

Let me tell you something from experience – there is always going to be more work – more clients, more consults, more potential income.

But you only have a limited number of birthdays and special family events.

I have lost count of the number of consults, seminar invitations, lecture gigs etc etc – that I have rejected because of a clash with a family event or special occassion – however more invitations always come along.

My lesson for you today is to make sure you never make this mistake.

You can always make more money – but special family events are in limited supply – this I can guarantee.

Your family time is priceless and should never be balanced against dollars and cents – it is a useless and pointless exercise.

I hope this helps give you some clarity – I welcome your thoughts on this topic.

Best Wishes

Paul Wright



2 thoughts on “More Business Lessons from My Hairdresser

  1. Peter Dong

    when running a business, we need good advice. This is really a good one.
    Many thanks

  2. Tim Ling

    Good post, Wrighty. Couldn’t agree with you more. Nobody on their death bed wishes they had spent more time at work. I reckon we could all do with a reality check in determining what is important in our lives. If it is work that trumps family, I do feel sorry for you.

    Keep the good advice coming, Paul. It is needed in business-land.

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