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The Truth About Dangerous Exercises, Fitness and Personal Training – Free Webinar with Paul Wright

This FREE webinar will give you facts about dangerous exercises and personal training that all health and fitness professionals should know.

In this presentation International Health and Fitness expert – Paul Wright – will share with you:

– The 7 exercise rules taught to most health and fitness professionals
and why they cause confusion.

– The Winston Churchill quote that clarifies the issue of safe
versus dangerous exercise in fitness and PT programs.

– Why the rules we learnt in our fitness leader and
undergraduate courses no longer apply in the modern fitness centre environment.

– The only accurate predictor of injury and how most trainers
miss this vital key to safe training for their clients.

– The keys to safe squatting, how low to squat and the best
knee position that all trainers must know

– The exercise that when demonstrated at a conference draws
groans of concern from all trainers – and the common exercise done every day that is actually more dangerous.

– The piece of cardio equipment  responsible for many
lower limb problems and the setup error that causes them – are you using it inyour programs?

– The bench press and dumbbell press errors that can lead to
shoulder injuries and the technique modification essential for clients with
past shoulder problems.

– 7 of the best rehabilitation exercises that all Personal
Trainers and health professionals should be using in their programs NOW.

Plus much more!!

You can register for this FREE webinar at:

Note: The webinar runs for just over 60 mins.

Who Will Benefit from this Webinar?

This webinar is suitable for all Personal Trainers and allied
health professionals involved in the exercise, conditioning and rehabilitation
of clients.

Special Bonus for Watching the Webinar

We know your time is valuable – so as a special bonus for those who register and watch the full webinar – you will receive a copy of Paul’s “Health Business Diagnostic” – a spreadsheet that allows you to assess the performance of you and your health business – quickly and easily.

Note: This diagnostic is usually only available to Paul’s one on one coaching clients.

About Paul Wright

For the  past 20 years Paul has owned multiple Physiotherapy clinics in Australia and has  been actively involved in clinical education having lectured to over 20,000  health professionals all over the world – in the areas of rehabilitation,  program design, injury prevention and more recently – health business  management.

He has developed more than 15 educational DVDs for health  professionals and is a featured speaker at many international health and fitness conventions.

What attendees of other Paul Wright presentations said:

Awesome – will be taking on all of his advice. Has made me
think differently. You’re  Great” Emma (PT)

“Paul has as a better view of the industry as a whole – both professionally and personally than anyone else here” Scott (PT)

Absolutely fantastic – plenty to think about” Donna (PT)

“Paul Wright – best lecturer ever” Mark (PT)

Paul was fantastic – he kept the rooms attention for the
full time – Great Job” Nadine (PT)

You can register for this FREE webinar at: