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Missed Front Desk Admin Opportunities in Health Businesses?

I have been working hard over the past few weeks with my one on one coaching clients in the area of front desk and enquiry scripts – with great results.

This area has long been one of the biggest money leaks in business and needs to be a priority for all business owners.

I firmly believe that all health business owners must have a list of scripts that are used by all team members when confronted with the most common situations and enquiries.

You front desk team, and your therapists if they take calls or are asked questions by potential clients, need to know what to say when asked questions like these:

“Do I need to see a doctor before I come to see you?”

“How much is a physio/chiropractic/personal trainer session?”

“Should I see the physio or the massage therapist” ( if you have multiple therapies in the one business)

“Do I get a health fund rebate for your services?”

“Do you do orthotics (or other products)?”

These are all opportunities to convert a caller into a client – but more importantly – it is an opportunity for your business to solve a personal problem and provide a great solution.

Unfortunately, many businesses are missing these opportunities by not providing their team with the best answers to these common questions.

I also suggest you prepare scripts for other common calls and enquiries such as what to say when a client cancels a booking, wants to make an appointment with a therapist who has no spots available, want to see a therapists who is on holidays or wants an appointment with a professional who has left the company.

I suggest all health business owners spend a few hours listening to your front desk team and make a list of the most common questions and calls they receive.

Then, produce scripts for each situation and get cracking on team training to ensure these scripts are followed.

I can’t tell you how much extra income this will add to your bottom lines each and every month.

Do it now.

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Best Wishes

Paul Wright



2 thoughts on “Missed Front Desk Admin Opportunities in Health Businesses?

  1. Justin Johnson

    Great comment Paul,
    I cannot agree more that the frontdesk is so important, yet often overlooked when we are focussed on our health practice and in particular our therapists and what they do.
    Can you please help with the best way to handle, in terms of a receptionist script, a full appointment book when you cannot find a booking for a patient within a certain period of time (ie. 3 days, 1 week, 3 weeks etc) such as if during therapist leave periods or if therapist number not adequate for service demand. Much appreciated.