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Are You a Lecturer – Then Why Not?

I learnt very early in my business career the importance of lecturing, speaking and presenting as a means to promote my businesses and raise my profile.

There is nothing more powerful than to stand in front of an audience and give a presentation on your topic of expertise – even better if the lecture is half decent.

The good news is that even if you are not a polished speaker – with 50% of the population listing “public speaking” as their second biggest life fear – second only to “Death” – it is not hard to see why speakers are held in such high regard by most audiences.

I encourage all health professionals to get cracking and start delivering seminars, lectures and in-services as often as you can to whoever will listen.

Here are a couple of tips from someone who has been on the lecturing stage for most of my professional life –i.e. ME

–          When you are starting out do simple presentations to crowds you know well – i.e. your family, friends, sporting teammates, your dog –it is all about getting time in front of the people in the early stages.

–          Develop a number of simple talks on topics you are most comfortable with – I guarantee all health professionals have a specific area of expertise that will lend itself very well to some great seminars and presentations.

–          Don’t let perfection stop you from getting started – one of my mentors once told me “Better to be 80% and out the door then 100% and in the drawer”.

–          You are never going to please everyone – accept that and move on. I often give out feedback forms at the end of my seminars – mostly to collect testimonials – but also to check crowd satisfaction. From experience there will always be people that you did not connect with, had heard it all before etc. You need to accept that some people will not be happy – so get over this fast.

However – my major tip is to make sure you don’t give up even if you have a couple of setbacks, some poor feedback or are rejected by a conference organizer – I have had all of these happen to me – and still do – so you must keep  going.

Very few – if any – of us are born great public speakers – most of us develop and grow as we do more and more presentations.

I remember one of my early seminars was at a fitness conference in the UK nearly 20 years ago – I was not a paid presenter but got a lecturing spot because my beautiful wife was a featured presenter at this convention – so I suppose they felt sorry for me and gave me a gig.

I can tell you now – I was terrible – arrogant, poorly prepared – basically I was a real dud.

I remember telling the attendees at a recent conference about this dud UK lecture when a lady put her hand up and said that she was actually in the crowd at that ill fated presentation over 20 years ago.

I proceeded to apologize for my past poor performance and we had a good laugh about it – I was amazed that she came back to give me another go.

She actually then said “I didn’t think it was too bad – you did your best”.

That’s all you can ever do – your best – and as long as you keep practicing, improving and developing your skills – you will find lecturing and speaking to be an incredibly powerful and rewarding part of your overall marketing plan.

If you have any lecturing disaster stories – pease place a comment on this topic.

Best Wishes

Paul Wright



2 thoughts on “Are You a Lecturer – Then Why Not?

  1. Dr Dan

    Well, I was an honour student in biology and my supervisor asked me to take his 3rd year Climatology subject. He gave me the notes for the 3 Hr lecture late the night before and essentially slapped me on my back and said “good luck”… that should have been my first clue…
    Well, after getting home I looked at the topic of the lecture – Cyclone Genesis, yep, I said the same thing.
    Well, the lecture started the students where there, my brain was in park and so I started, as you do. About 90 minutes into the lecture (if you can call it that), I was no longer giving the lecture; the students and I where sitting around a circle on the floor all trying to work it out together…

    You know what, they got it and they never forgot it. They had to get so involved in the whole ‘lecture’ and essentially worked it out for them selves.
    So was it a bad lecture? Yes. Did it achieve it’s aims? Absolutely.
    Steve my supervisor did have to go over a few of the finer details, but all in all the students got it. And I learned heaps, especially about teaching.

  2. Jason Bradley

    A couple of years ago while working for Paul with Get Active Physio i was doing seminars for sports clubs on injury prevention and to promote our clinic. I was presenting to a group of all the coaches and managers for a local junior soccer club. The issue was it was based inside a local bowling club where i was competing with the audiences continual movements to get another drink, the music from the square dancing next to us and the jackpot noises of the pokies going off in the room next door.

    Overall not too bad they tolerated me for 15minutes and sent me a few patients through the season, it pays to stick with it.