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Are You a Failure? I Hope So ……

I am currently reading a great book by best-selling leadership educator – John C Maxwell – titled “Failing Forward“.

This excellent resource was recommended to me by the co-founder of Gloria Jeans coffee franchise – Peter Irvine – who I recently had the pleasure of interviewing for my Profit Club program CD of the Month.

In his book – Maxwell talks about how we all need to turn mistakes into stepping stones for success and how we should always be learning from our mistakes – rather than worry about them and letting past failure slow us down from future success.

He points out that the major difference between average people and achieving people is their perception of and response to failure.

The achievers typically take responsibility for their failure, learn from the experience, understand that failure is just part of the success process, challenge outdated assumptions, take new risks and persevere.

Here are a couple of the biggest failures I have had in my business life – I am sure you can relate to some of them:

– Named my first clinic after myself – Paul G Wright Physiotherapy – dumb, dumb, dumb.

– Opened a single room clinic in a small gym with limited member exposure ( I closed this clinic in the first 3 months).

– Spent over $1000 on a great magazine advert that did not get one call or lead.

– Sacked a Physio because he did not follow the systems I had in place – then could not find a replacement – so I had to call him and offer him his job back – he declined – funny that.

– Hired a multitude of professionals who did not interview well – because I thought I could “train them up” – when in reality I just wanted to fill the positions as soon as I could. They failed to deliver and eventually left of were fired.

– I was even sacked from my first private practice physio position – it may have been due to the multi coloured “happy pants” I used to wear to work (I was in a body building stage and had no idea what I was thinking).

Do you get the picture?

We all fail in life and business – but the secret is to keep going and learning.

One great quote I read in John Maxwell’s book was that:

“People who never fail – take orders from those who do”.

I would love to hear the great failure stories from other health professionals out there – I am sure you have some great tales of errors, mishaps and mistakes.

Please add them to comments on this post.

Best Wishes

Paul Wright



4 thoughts on “Are You a Failure? I Hope So ……

  1. Rosa

    Great post Paul, and a wonderful reminder that mistakes happen when you take risks, but without them, you cannot grow and move forward. I can relate to a few of your failures, and, in 11 years in the industry, have a few more of my own:-
    – Buying a business from a “friend”, & trusting that it was all above board
    – Taking too long to fire non-performers and toxic staff
    – Spending $2000 on a website that went nowhere
    – Trusting a “mentor” who was there to “help” me, but who was using my business for his own financial gain.

  2. grant tracy

    My biggest mistake was hiring a therapist from overseas without a face to face interview. He was rubbish with a chip on his shoulder the size of a planet. Just when I bought my second practice and needed him most. He stood there and tore up his contract in front of me and a patient, and said your contract means nothing to me. Instead of a months notice ,he gave me one week. After he left, business suprising improved. Then I got the kicker in my phone bill. An extra $400 where he had been phoning home at lunchtime at my expense!

  3. Tim Ling

    Hey Paul,

    Awesome post, mate. Failure is truly the greatest teacher, mentor and motivator. The best lessons come from huge failure. My worst so far was getting talked into advertising in a GP clinic on a TV an advertising company put into the GP clinic and then sold ad space. Cost me almost $3000 for a 2 year stint. Didn’t get a single lead/client from that – and I was tracking it for performance. If you get the opportunity for a similar scheme – don’t do it.

  4. Tanya Patten

    Hi, I agree totally with this article. I am not sure if mine was a failure or I am worried that I failed. I started up my own part PT mobile outdoor business (solo i.e. just myself) and ran it succesffully for 1 year but now I have decided to quit doing this and concentrate on my day job which is a Legal Secretary five days a week. I loved my part time business and was happy that I succesffully had happy client’s but I guess my failure was that I discontinued it. Although I am happy now that I can get 8 hours sleep and in turn are functioning and performing a lot better because of it mentally and physically, the big F word still lies there in the back of my mind.

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