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My 3 Top Ways to Motivate Your Team Are….

I had an interesting one on one coaching call with a client yesterday who was concerned about how his team members did not have the same (or even similar) consult numbers and general motivation that he has as the business owner.

Which brings me to the topic of today’s blog?

Wrighty’s Top 3 Ways to Motivate and Encourage Your Team Members.

1. Employ the Right People

One of my business mentors once told me that it is not possible to motivate anyone – your job as a current or future business owner is to employ motivated people in the first place and then do your best to stop them from becoming DE – MOTIVATED.

Current Sydney Roosters Rugby League coach – Brian Smith – said something similar when asked how he made his rugby league players faster – his dry reply was simply to “Employ Faster Players”.

You need to do the same thing in your health business – employ motivate people first.

2. Set Clear Job Descriptions and Terms of Employment:

Many business experts believe that the biggest reason for high staff resignation rates and turnover is:

“An Imbalance between What is Expected and What Is Delivered” – and this equates equally to the employer and the employee.

As an employer, set down very clearly to all potential employees what you expect from them and what you will give to them in return for their hard work. Be up front in all areas including wages, hours, uniforms and entitlements.

As an employee, be very clear about what you expect your potential employer to deliver to you as a part of your package.

The closer you can get the “what is expected V’s what is delivered” equation – the better chance both parties have of a successful union.

3. Train Your Team:

In these highly competitive employment times – where excellent health professionals are few and far between (at least in Australia at the moment) – all employers need to be providing exceptional continuing education programs for all team members.

It is common knowledge that many health professionals will not even consider working at a business unless there is an abundance of learning opportunities and mentoring as part of the employment contract.

Be very clear what you are able to provide your new team members and take the time to develop and nurture your team, send them to courses and provide them with as much professional education material as you can.

They demand it.

How to Provide and Deliver Great In-Services and Technical Education to Your Team

Having been in the business of health care for more than 20 years – I know first-hand how time consuming and draining it can be to train team members, develop in-services and provide your team with the latest in professional development opportunities.

That’s why I developed the program – which is being launched to the general health professional community at 9am on Monday September 26th.2011.

Here is what health professionals get as a member of

1. Over 50 hours of online video education available immediately.

2. All materials, training manuals and programs from my “Better Back  Program” – a structured 4 week low back pain rehabilitation system.

3. Over 100 Exercise Sheets, Lecture Handouts, Protocols and Articles that you can give to your patients and use in your business immediately

4. Access to the Forum – never feel alone again.

5. You and Your Team Members also get your own “Personal Education Diary” – the system automatically updates your education diary whenever you or your team member watch a session or open a document.

6. Three Months free access to Canadian Physiotherapist – Terry Kanes – Orthopaedic protocols site.

There is also 3 different viewing pathways to choose from – one for new therapists, one for senior therapists and there is also a designated Personal Trainers pathway – you and your team choose your preferred pathway when you first access the program.

How much is it to join

Membership to this incredible program will be $69 AUD a month on a per clinic basis when it opens to the general public at 9am on Monday September 26th, 2011.

You can find out more about this great program at:

Best Wishes

Paul Wright