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The Main Reason You Can’t Get Good Staff Is!!

One of the most common complaints I hear from my one on one coaching clients and other health business owners is their inability to attract and recruit new team members to their health business.

The major reasons they give for the lack of applicants or poor quality of applicants include:

–          There is a real shortage of health professionals.

–          They only want to work in the major clinics with lots of other professionals.

–          They want too much money.

–          Most of the good ones start their own clinics.

In the end – many health business owners get so frustrated by this issue they simply treat all the clients themselves and give up even looking for new team members altogether.

Whilst the above reasons do have some validity – the most common reason for failing to secure good staff is – wait for it:


The business owner – sorry – the truth hurts sometimes.

The majority of health business owners have not made their businesses a place where other health professionals want to work – they are simply providing a job and expect that to be enough for potential team members to sign up.

Now you may have got away with this when there was a true oversupply of health professionals – but these days – especially in Australia – high quality health professionals are very hard to come by – so you need to do all you can to make your business a “preferred employer”.

Here are a couple of tips on how to do this:

–          Market and advertise your business well in the community – the higher your profile and the profile of your business is – the better perception potential applicants will have of your business.

–          Be visible at local events and promotions – again raising the profile of your business.

–          Be heavily involved in the education of fellow health professionals – I know many health business owners who work at the local university so they can actively source and recruit the best new graduates coming through the ranks.

–          Take on student placements and be a place of great learning for undergraduates.

–          Make your business look impressive – fresh paint, nice prints on the walls (not just anatomy charts), classy atmosphere, and new equipment – we all want to work in a place we are proud of and feel special in.

–          Provide an exceptional educational pathway and mentor program for new therapists.

If you take these steps you are at least giving your business a chance of recruiting great health professionals – it is hard enough to get good team members without turning some of them away by being a low profile business with a low quality fit-out and failing to offer exceptional professional development opportunities.

I welcome your comments on this topic.

Paul Wright