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How to Brand Your Practice for Recruitment and Client Attraction

Coming from a direct response marketing background, I have always been a bit sceptical about “Branding” and felt branding was more important for larger multi-national companies than for smaller bricks and mortar businesses.

However, as social media, video, and imaging has become somewhat easier, it is vital all health business owners use the power of branding and image to position themselves as the preferred employer and provider in their area.

Which is why I was so pleased to have leading branding and online marketing expert Prabin Gautam as our featured guest for this month’s Profit Club and Profit Club Academy session.

In his presentation titled “How to Brand Your Practice for Recruitment and Client Attraction”, Prabin shared the secrets of how to position your practice as the preferred employer, and ensure you attract only the highest quality applicants.

With available labour supply for allied health professionals as record low levels, health business owners must do everything possible to ensure their practice stands out to potential team members.

One part of the presentation I especially enjoyed was where Prabin shared how you can use your website, and a dedicated careers page in your site, to further position your practice as the preferred employer.

He strongly recommended you have content on your careers page such as:

  • Videos of current team members sharing what they like about working for your business (social proof)
  • Photos and images of your team enjoying social events together (making your business seem fun and not just a place to work)
  • Videos and media of your team participating in team educational seminars and programs (positioning you as a valuable source of educational information and career progression).

In the session I even shared how we have interviewed practice owners as part of our “Preferred Employer Series” – and posted that video on their website and social media.

Prabin also shared links to some of his client’s best careers pages – which you can use as templates for your own careers pages and campaigns.

If you want to know how to brand your practice as the preferred employer using online and web strategies – this is the session for you.

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