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Are You Being Rewarded as a Health Business Owner?

I hear it over and over again when speaking to allied health business owners:

I just wish everything did not depend on me

Meaning, these owners are so busy treating patients, solving staff issues, managing referrers etc – there is no time left for the owner to do any of the things they really enjoy.

Many owners make the mistake of putting their patients first, or their team members first – when in the real work of health business ownership – you need to put YOU and YOUR FAMILY first.

As I say in my lectures and seminars – the role of a business is to give you more life – not take it away.

However, the vast majority of practice owners are slaves to the endless demands of their teams and patients, leaving little time or energy for the owner to do the things they want to do.

Sound familiar?

If this describes you, I suggest you take a good look at your business and start to swing the pendulum of benefit more in your favour.

Meaning, take a long lunch every Friday and spend it with your partner or spouse.

Start work later a few mornings a week so you can take the kids to school and share some time together over breakfast.

Take a long weekend every 4 weeks to recharge.

These little “Rewards” will in some way help you deal with the stress of a team member handing in their notice as you leave the office on Friday afternoon, or a patient leaving a bad Google review.

Remember, the role of the business is to serve you and give you more life.

Make sure you structure the business so it does exactly that.

Need Help Building a Business That Give You More Life?

Whilst you may have been on my email list for some time, attended a webinar, or seen me in person at a live event, you probably don’t have a full grasp of the Practiceology™ system, and how it delivers freedom to health business owner around the world.

So … let’s meet, get to know each other a little better, and figure out the best plan for you.

At the end of our meeting, I’ll know if the “Practiceology™ Program” would be a good fit to help you earn more, work less and enjoy your life.

If the Practiceology™ program is not right for your specific situation, I will give you suggestions on alternative programs or people who are a better fit for you.

Either way, you will gain valuable information and ideas on how to grow your health business.

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