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One Health Business Recruiting Method Even I Would Never Use

In last weeks “Clarity What to Do in 2022” seminar I outlined and described 41 different methods our Practiceology™ clients are using to ensure their clinics are full of great professionals.

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Anyway, in the presentation I spoke about recruitment strategies such as using mentor program, scholarships, noticeboards, community Facebook groups and even sponsoring awards at local high schools – however, there was one recruitment strategy even I would not use.

It is called the “Are You Happy Here” approach.

What this, highly confident, health business owner did was to make appointments to see therapists at neighbouring allied health practices.

He then attended the consultation as a patient, shared his injury history and effectively acted like a patient.

Then, when he had developed rapport with the therapist, and thought they may be a good fit for his practice – he threw out his fishing line and said:

“You seem like a fantastic therapist, do you mind me asking if you are happy working here?”

Depending on the reply, the “patient” then outlined his clinic and how he was certain the therapist would be a better fit at his clinic, instead of staying with their current employer.

Now many of you would be reading this and be appalled by the lack of professionalism this “Active Recruiter” is displaying in this strategy.

However, on more than one occasion, this approach has netted him a new therapist.

To play the devils advocate, there is an argument if the therapists current employer did a better job keeping the team member happy, and worked on their retention strategy, it would not matter who tried to recruit their therapists as the therapist would be loyal to their current employer and discharge the “patient”, but that’s another story.

Bottom line, whilst you may not dive down to these questionable recruitment depths, you MUST continue to refine, develop and use as many recruitment and retention strategies as possible to guarantee the long term success of your business.

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