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7 Minute Practiceology™ Podcast – How to Mentor New Graduates to Success with Mel Salmond

I am pleased to publish the next episode of the Practiceology “7 Questions in 7 Minutes” Podcast , “How to Mentor Your New Graduate Therapist So They Are Successful and Profitable.”

In this episode of the Practiceology™ Podcast, Physiotherapist, business owner, and creator of the “Physio Mentor”, Mel Salmond, shares how to quickly turn a new grad therapist into a profitable team member.

Click HERE or the link below to access the Podcast and also get Mel’s FREE “12 Month New Graduate Development Program Template”, which includes time allocation, topics, and business sessions you can use to recruit and train your ideal new graduate team members.

The Practiceology “7 Questions in 7 Minutes” Podcast is also available on all regular podcast channels.

I hope you enjoy this 7 minute interview, and keep an eye out for new episodes from world leading health business mentors and educators.

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