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How to Beat Burnout and Avoid a Midlife Crisis

With recruitment a real issue for many health business owners, it is more important than ever to focus your attention on team member retention and helping them avoid burnout.

Which is why I was so happy to speak with leading Australian health professional and co-founder of “Purpose and Flow” Josh Meyer, about how to recognise and avoid burnout in health care.

In this session Josh shared how, as a busy health practice owner, he found himself becoming more and more irritable, feeling “over it”, angry and even numb to his day to day business and patient relationships.

In the presentation Josh explored the area of “Compassion Fatigue”, and how allied health professionals, particularly owners dealing with staff issues, are at great risk of developing this version of fatigue, especially if the owner still has a large consulting role.

Josh feels allied health professional are at risk of mental health issues as many of us reach a crisis point at the intersection of over achiever type A personalities, over commitment, and perfectionism – when left untreated can become “Burnout”.

One of the key strategies Josh shared in his session was the importance of understanding any potential conflict around how you are currently living your life, versus what you really want in life.

If one of your main goals in life is to be a fantastic parent for your children, yet you continually miss out on important family activities and events because of a hectic work schedule – then this can be a real cause of fatigue and burnout.

All health business owners MUST evaluate the analyse their purpose, what gives them joy, and make sure your business allows you the freedom to live your true purpose.

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