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Lockdown, Masks, Face Shields and Vaccinations – The Opportunity for All Health Business Owners

A VIP in our Practiceology™ program recently made a highly valid point when she said:

“I went to University to be a health professional but with all the issues created by mandated vaccinations, staff compliance, human rights and workcover – I feel like I now need a law degree”.

How true is this?

Regardless of where you are in the world, allied health business owners have had to be up to date and across a wide range of highly emotive Covid related medical, ethical and professional issues.

With our Practiceology™ VIP clients alone – we have been dealing with issues such as:

  • Team members refusing to come to work because the wife of another team member tested positive to Covid.
  • Team members refusing to be vaccinated – even though it had been a government mandate for this profession.
  • Patients becoming irate as admin team members because they asked the Vaccination status of the patient.
  • Team members refusing to wear appropriate PPE, even when directed by the employer.
  • A therapist in a job interview refusing to reveal their Vaccination status to the potential employer.

Is it any wonder health business owners feel they need a law degree to get through this legal, ethical and moral minefield.

Well, if there is one key opportunity to come out of the past two years, it has been the chance for owners to lead their teams and communities.

All of the situations listed above required the business owner to STEP UP and lead.

To make decisions – even if they were wrong.

To have difficult conversations – as hard as they may have been at the time.

Essentially, to take a stand, and say – “This is how we will be dealing with this in my health business”.

Note the bold text on the words “MY HEALTH BUSINESS”

Some health business owners have found this difficult, some have enjoyed the challenge.

However, the moment you decided to open your own health business, or employ your first team member, you chose to be the one making these decisions.

You won’t always get it right, but at least make a decision with the best information you have available at the time.

Which is why it is important to be part of mentor groups and coaching programs, where you can share experiences with mentors and other owners and get information from across the globe from people who have already been though the exact situation you are facing.

Just last week we held our monthly Practiceology™ VIP Roundtable – where leading Sports Physician and Workplace medical expert, Dr Michael Jamieson, shared the facts about vaccination, compliance, PPE and testing as we move through the Covid minefield.

These sort of discussion groups and mentor program keep you at the forefront of your industry and protect you from falling victim to media fear, legal issues and being held hostage by your team.

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