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Healthia Buys Back in Motion for $64M – What This Means for You

There has been a lot of press and social media activity over the last few days here in the Australian allied health care space ,following the announcement that ASX-listed healthcare group Healthia is raising $60 million to fund the acquisition of 64 physiotherapy clinics from Back in Motion.

According to an article in the Australian Financial Review, Healthia’s allied healthcare business currently includes 54 physiotherapy clinics, 14 hand therapy clinics, 45 optometry stores, a wholesale eyewear frame distribution business, 94 podiatry clinics, 6 retail footwear stores, 2 orthotics laboratories and an allied health wholesale supplies business.

The Financial Review report went on to say the Back in Motion acquisition came on the heels of Healthia’s recent acquisitions of Rothwell Physiotherapy, which added $2.13 million to its revenue, and AllCare Physiotherapy, John Holme Optometry and Anytime Physio, which together added $3.95 million to Healthia’s revenue.

From this activity it is clear some very smart people in the financial sector see allied health as a good investment with great potential for profit growth and expansion.

It also points out these smart investors feel they have the ability to improve these health businesses performance to further increase their financial returns.

So what does this all mean to the average allied health business owner around the world.

Firstly, as one of my mentors once told me:

“Wrighty, you never know when you are going to sell, so always be ready”.

I encourage all allied health business owners to always have your finances and systems in place, so you know exactly how much your business is making you (in down and dirty profit), each and every month.

So at least you have some idea what your business is worth to a buyer and if you think the offer is a good one.

It also points out that all health business owners need to appreciate the real role of your business.

Which should be to give you more life – not take your life away.

Now you may get “more life” by setting the business up so it works largely without you, like I did with my practices.

However, you also get more life by knowing when to sell and as my good friend Antony Hirst said in a recent interview, knowing when to “leave the party”, so you can enjoy the finer things in life and get back to doing the things you love to do.

Antony’s presentation titled, “Planning a Successful Exit – How to Profit from a Corporate Buy-Out”, takes you through his journey from starting a practice to exiting his practice, and how to navigate the complex world of corporate finance and exit deals.

This recent announcement and sale of Back in Motion points out exactly why this session with Antony is so valuable, even for owners who have no intention to sell.

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