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Everyone Loses When This Happens in Your Health Business

I was in the waiting room at out local beauty therapy clinic last week (my daughter was in having a treatment – I am already pretty enough) when a young guy walked up to the front counter and said to the receptionist:

“I want to get something for my girlfriend as a surprise”

Quick as a flash the receptionist said:

“Most people get the 60 minute massage voucher – its $60”

The young guy did not seem overly enthusiastic but decided to go ahead and buy the 60 minute voucher – he then paid, took his voucher and left.

Nothing unusual so far – however – as my brain started to process what just happened – I could not help but grab a copy of the clinics list of services and was interested ( but not particularly surprised ) to see that the 60 minute massage was close to the lowest priced item on the list.

On the clinic brochure I saw some great massage and facial combination sessions, mud baths, stress buster packages, pamper packages and a range of great sounding sessions – of much higher price than the 60 minute massage session.

Now I am not saying that the receptionist should have immediately offered the highest priced item – but she should have at least asked the young guy a little more about what he wanted and guide him a little to the correct decision.

As it stood I could only see a situation where “everyone loses” – by that I mean:

–       The beauty clinic loses because they may have been able to earn more income and fill more of their appointment book with a longer session. There is also a greater chance of the new client becoming a regular customer if she gets to experience more of the clinics services at one time – instead of just the massage service.

–       The guy loses – because – even though he is doing a sweet thing – he has been denied the opportunity to “really impress” his girlfriend with a great and memorable experience – instead of a stock standard 60 minute massage.

–       The girlfriend loses – because even though she gets a nice massage – she may have really loved a full “pamper package”.

This situation is happening in health businesses all over the world every day – and it is clear to see that the lack of effective front desk scripts and skills can seriously impact on your business success and your client’s progress.

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Paul Wright



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