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7 Minute Practiceology™ Podcast – How to Add $1000 a Week in Product Sales with Bradley Wilson

I am pleased to publish the next episode of the Practiceology “7 Questions in 7 Minutes” Podcast.

In this episode of the Practiceology Podcast, health business product expert and director of AOK Health, Bradley Wilson, shares how to increase product sales in your allied health business.

Arrange a FREE “Product Sales Practice Audit” to find out how to successfully and ethically increase your practice product sales, by calling Bradley and his team on 1300 790 900 or using the “Contact Us” form at:

The Practiceology “7 Questions in 7 Minutes” Podcast is also available on all regular podcast channels.

I hope you enjoy this 7 minute interview, and keep an eye out for new episodes from world leading health business mentors and educators.

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