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Politics, Religion and Vaccination – A Health Professionals Survival Guide

I received an interesting email from a long term Practiceolgy client to let me know about the response to an item in her regular patient newsletter.

Here is part of her email – edited of course to protect her privacy – but you will get the point:

Hi Paul,

Thought you would get a laugh out of this. I wrote and sent my weekly patient email this afternoon, trying to come up with something interesting is always a challenge.

As we hit a great milestone last week with all team members at the practice being vaccinated, I made this headline, ‘We are all vaccinated!” , but then thought I needed to turn this into a question to get people to open, so changed it to :

“We are all vaccinated, are you?”,

Well, didn’t I open the floodgates.

Within minutes, had someone respond saying how dare I ask?

He said his medical history has nothing to do with me (yet we already have his medical history), then he told me to take me off the email list, which I have done.

Then within minutes, I had 3 people tell me proudly that they are vaccinated. I told them they were all champions. When I told one bloke that I already had someone respond in the negative, and he said ‘if you want to drive a car, you need to have a license’, how classic!! All fun and games.

Now there are a few lessons here for allied health business owners.

Firstly, it is often dangerous to get involved in discussions or make statements in your patient newsletters about Politics and Religion – and I can see the writing on the wall the topic of Vaccination, may evolve into one of these dangerous topics.

Secondly, and somewhat counter-intuitively, I like my (and my clients) emails and marketing to have some sort of impact on their audience – be it positive or negative.

One of my mentors once said : “If you have not upset someone by lunchtime then you are not saying anything of any significance”.

Too many allied health business owners play it so safe with their marketing and patient communication, their messages become Vanilla – which does not inspire your clients to read or engage in your marketing or communication.

Many professionals are so afraid of clients pressing the unsubscribe button, as they take this as a personal sign of rejection, they fail to say anything of any interest, let alone anything controversial.

I can tell you now, give me an engaged client (even if they do not agree with me) any day of the week, over a passive and non engaged client.

I will leave it to you to decide what sort of messages and materials you send to your database – depending on how brave and daring you are.

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I hope this helps you in your health business.



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