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Eat the Frog and Take Control of Your Health Business

One of my mentors once said :

The key to business, and life success, is to eat the frog“.

Meaning, if the only task you had to complete during a day (and there was no way out of it), was eat a live frog.

Then for goodness sake, eat the frog first thing in the morning, so you do not spend the whole day feeling sick at the thought of eating the live frog siting in the corner of the room looking at you.

What has this got to do with you and your health business?

Well, many health business owners are spending their days walking around with live frogs all over the place.

These live frogs, often present themselves as “difficult conversations”, the owner needs to have with one of their team members.

These “difficult conversations” may include conversations like:

  • having to speak to a team member who is often late for their shift, and even arriving AFTER their first client arrives.
  • talking to the admin person who is a highly valuable team member, but has been getting some of the team offside with his grumpy attitude to work.
  • having to let go a young therapist because their re-booking rate has not improved and you feel nervous every time you see a new patient book into their schedule.
  • speaking to a team member for the third time this week, about failing to give a new client a written and comprehensive treatment plan, at the end of their initial assessment.

I am sure ,as you read this, you are thinking about the number of difficult conversations that are on your “to do” list.

Well, as my mentor told me, the secret to success in business ( and in life) is determined by the number of difficult conversations you are willing to have, and how quickly you can have them.

The issue is not going to go away, in fact it will usually get worse if you do not address it quickly.

So ,as the owner of the business, it is your job to stand up and Eat the Frog.

Happy eating !!!!!



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