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How This Health Professional Lost Me at “Goodbye”

I visited a health professional last week with my beautiful wife, Helen, and once again came away feeling incredibly disappointed at the poor customer service on offer at many health businesses.

Some time ago,I wrote about a poor patient experience my wife received from a highly respected specialist, however in this most recent example, the issue was nothing to do with the therapist.

His admin team let him down.

The therapist and the quality of his treatment and advice was first class.

Thorough, engaging, interested and empathetic.

However, when we left to pay for the session and confirm the next appointment, the wheels fell off.

After leaving the consultation room with Helen,I waited patiently for my turn at the counter, before being waved to come forward by the “non eye contact” admin person.

She opened our conversation with a fantastic:

How are you paying for today?”

A great ice breaker – and again ,without looking up from her screen.

I asked a question about the payment method which was answered with a very short:

I can’t process the payment on that card – you need to give me another one“.

Once again, no smile, no chit chat, no “I know it is a pain”- NOTHING.

We did manage to confirm the next appointment time, which the therapist actually booked himself before we left treatment room.

Then we left.

No enthusiastic goodbye, no thanks for coming to see us – NOTHING.

As we made our way to the car Helen looked at me and said:

“I can feel another email coming on about poor customer service”.

The lesson for all health business owners is your customer service and client experience is only as good as your weakest team members performance.

In this example the therapist was great, but the admin teams performance dramatically reduced the quality of the overall experience.

At Disney ,they say “everything speaks”.

Meaning every guest interaction, every mark on the wall, every piece of paper on the ground at a Disney park, speaks about the overall quality of the experience.

In your business ,every interaction and engagement also speaks, not just the quality of the therapy session.

I hope this helps you in your health business.



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