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How Often Should I Contact My Patient List?

“How Often Should I Contact My Patient List?”

I wish I had a dollar for every time I have been asked this question in a live seminar or webinar.

Well, the answer is actually quite simple.

As often as you have something important to tell them.

As a subscriber to my email list, you will be reasonably aware of my email communication strategy to you.

I schedule my emails to go out on Tuesday and Thursday at 10am Sydney time, with the occasional 10am Saturday email if I have a special offer or a podcast episode I have launched.

You will also know I sometimes send 3 emails in 3 days, with 2 emails on the last day of a program launch or special offer.

That’s just my system.

You will note there is a consistency and a flow to my communication strategy, even down to the time and day the emails are sent.

I rarely email on Monday as people are busy catching up from the weekend, and I rarely email on Fridays as people as pre-occupied by the coming weekend – leading to lower opening rates and poor engagement.

Some people will say this is too frequent.

Some will say it is not frequent enough.

However, it works for me and my audience.

The real secret to its long term success is the consistency.

The majority of health business owners are too busy putting out fires or seeing a long list of patients to develop or launch their own patient engagement strategy.

Which leads to the owner sending out the odd Merry Christmas message, or even worse, an email to let the clients know about a pending price rise – which by the way, is one of the worst reasons to email your database.

At least there was a price rise – so all is not lost – ha ha.

I believe at the very least, health businesses should send TWO emails each month – one in the first week of the month and another in week THREE of the month.

The week ONE email is a general practice update with a success story (regulations allowing), a staff engagement item like an team members engagement or a sports success, a joke of the month, and a snippet about a new program or service you are adding.

Then in the week THREE email, you make an offer about the new service, a new therapist, or an upcoming patient education session.

This system is then repeated month after month.

However, going back to the “whenever you have something important to tell them” idea – if there is a change to your hours, or a Covid related regulation, you then increase your communication frequency to match the need to keep your patients informed.

My best VIP Practiceology clients in the Sydney and Melbourne lockdown zones have been very frequent in their patient communications over the past few weeks, as they want their patients to rely on THEM for health advice, NOT the six o’clock news.

Especially when you need to let your patients know if you are closed or not during lockdown.

I suggest all allied health business owners review their current patient communication strategies and become consistent in your patient contact systems.

I hope this help you in your health business.

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