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More About the Successful Chiropractor

I told you in my last post about the Chiropractor who – when told by a new patient that he was unable to make his follow up appointments regularly – got out a copy of the yellow pages and proceeded to recommend a group of other health professionals who would happily treat this client under these – irregular terms.

I also told you about – how – this previously “too busy to commit” client – suddenly found the time to make the required follow up bookings – once threatened with being rejected as a patient.

 Well it gets better.

 The client – after booking – the required number of sessions – returns for their first follow up consult and is asked by the Chiropractor to:

 “Show me how you did Exercise Two – from the homework sheet I gave you”.

 You can all imagine what happened – the patient was too busy to do their exercises and had no idea how to do Exercise Two – I am sure we can all relate to this.

The Chiropractor then said:

“If you don’t do the required homework – you will not get the results you desire – I won’t enjoy your lack of progress – and you will then tell all your friends that I did not fix your problem”.

 She then cancelled the rest of his session – and sent him home with strict instructions that if he did not come in on the next visit – able to show her the exercises exactly as they are to be done – she will have no alternative but to refer him to someone else.

 From these two situations – can you see how the power has shifted between the patient and the professional.

 Face the facts – your patients will not get a great result unless they see you on a regular basis and do their homework – and a failing on your part to enforce either of these “buying criteria” – on your patients – will only lead to a bad outcome.

 What’s the take home message:

 –       Make your patients aware of the buying criteria and enforce this criteria every time.

–       Always be prepared to send a non compliant patient to another health professional let them be someone else’s headache.

–       Value your time and your skill and only work with people that want your help and will do their best to ensure a great outcome.

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Paul Wright



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