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Is this Website Mistake Costing You Clients and Patients?

Some internet experts are suggesting you no longer need a website to build and grow a great health business.

They claim the growth of Google My Business, Facebook and Instagram, have made many health business websites redundant.

That’s all well and good, if you are happy to give up control of your online presence to these platforms.

However, what happens if Facebook changes it regulations, or Google modifies the algorithm it uses to decide which Google My Business listings are displayed to a potential client when they do a search for a health provider in your area?

Which is why I was so pleased to interview leading North American online business guru, and Podiatrist, Jim McDannald for this month’s Profit Club and Profit Club Academy session titled “How to Dominate the Competition with Your Online Presence – the 5 Essentials“.

In this session Jim expands on how health businesses can maximise their online presence to ensure they stay front and centre when a potential client searches for a provider in their area.

One of the areas Jim spoke about was the importance of having a great website, as this is the hub of your online presence.

Your website should be fully owned and controlled by YOU, so you are not risking your business success when Google and FB change their algorithms and regulations.

In this fantastic training session Jim also expanded on the biggest business website mistakes and made particular mention of the importance of having a fast loading website.

Jim suggested you aim for a loading speed of less than 2 seconds, to ensure your potential clients do not get frustrated and click away from your site, before it fully loads.

He suggested all health business owners go to this website , enter your practice website URL, and get review the report generated.

Here is the link again –

If your website does not load in 2 seconds or less, speak to your webmaster and see what you can do to speed up the loading time.

If you want to know more about Jim’s ideas and online strategies for health professionals make sure you check out Jim’s full Profit Club Academy session titled “How to Dominate the Competition with Your Online Presence – the 5 Essentials”.

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Stay safe everyone and I hope to see you in the Profit Club Academy soon.



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