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The Results Are In – Meghan and Harry’s Email Open Rate Revealed?

OK, the results are in.

In a recent email, I wrote about the lessons for health business owners about Meghan and Harrys interview with Oprah.

Aside from my observations about the massive media scrutiny the interview generated, I was interested in testing the open rate of an email with Megs and Harry in the subject line.

In case you missed it – the email subject line I tested was:

“Harry and Meghan – Wrighty Breaks His Silence”

As I said in the email itself, I laughed at the idea of anyone really caring what I thought about Megs and Harry on Oprah’s couch, but was acutely interested in the open rate of an email with the words “Meghan and Harry” in it.

As expected – the magic words did not disappoint.

The open rate for “Wrighty Breaks His Silence” was higher than any other email I have sent in the past 12 months.

In fact, the only emails in the last 18 months with a higher open rate were two I sent during the height of Coronavirus and the buzz about Telehealth.

The subject lines that had a higher open rate than “Wrighty Breaks His Silence” were:

“How to Manage Coronavirus in Your Health Business”


“Exactly What to Say to Transfer a Client to Telehealth”

So what does this mean for smart health business owners like you fine folk?.

Well, it is clear you need to make sure your email subject lines, newsletters, offers and promotions correlate with subjects that are hot and topical in the community at the time.

Some of my private VIP clients base their monthly promotions and emails around high interest topics and events such as football grand final week, public holidays,elections and even the Olympic Games when they come around.

Smart marketers look for offers and promotions that fit in and align with high interest events and large news stories.

You need to be topical, current and in some cases controversial, to stand out in the marketplace.

I hope this helps you in your health business.

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