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Harry and Meghan – Wrighty Breaks His Silence

OK, I could not help myself, I just had to do a post out about Megs and Harry.

Not that I think for a second, any of you great people really care about my opinion on the Mexit issue, but here is my take on it and what this drama means for you as health business owners (yes there is an angle here).

Firstly, I wanted to test the power of having the words “Meghan and Harry” in the subject line of an email, and see the view rate of this post compared to my regular high quality messages

I will let you know how the open rate faired once the stats are in.

Secondly, this drama is another huge reminder about the power of celebrity, as opposed to the power of expert.

Many health professionals believe their reputation is a direct result of their technical skill in a chosen health profession.

The Physio thinks their reputation hangs on the quality of their treatments.

The Chiro on the relief caused by the pain relief from their adjustments.

However, increased value in the marketplace comes when you not just know something, but you are KNOWN for knowing something.

Meaning, people see you as an expert because of the videos you post on YouTube, the book you have written, or the seminars you hold – not because they know you to be a great therapist.

But, the highest value (at least to the average person) comes when you reach celebrity status, meaning you are simply know for being YOU, not because of any specific skill or talent.

Think here of the Kardashians – what are they actually famous for other than for being famous?

So what has this all got to do with your health business?

Well, you need to be technically excellent in what you do, but that is the price of entry these days to stay in business as a health professional otherwise the online reviews will crucify you.

The real lesson is for health business owners to understand the need to spread their message to a larger audience, post content on social media, record and share videos, write quality blog posts, get interviewed for your local radio station etc etc

The list goes on.

The world of marketing and sales relies on you becoming the celebrity in your chose field, or if that is not possible, at least be known for being the expert.

It is no longer enough to be the expert, you need to try and elevate your profile to be known to be the expert.

As a final lesson, I hope you all took notice of the incredible interest people around the world have shown in the story of Megs and Harry.

Here we are with a global Pandemic yet on the majority of media channels, all we see is Harry and Megs on Oprah’s couch.

People are interested in people.

So make sure your newsletters and messages to your patient lists are always focused heavily on news about other clients, your team members engagement party or Mrs Jones recent hip operation.

NOT just about the latest exercise to prevent Achilles Tendon pain.

I hope this helps you in your health business and I wish Harry and Megs all the best as they enjoy their new found privacy (I could not help myself).

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