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Are You Reducing Your Income by Training Only In The Technical Areas of Health Care?

I agree 100% that clinical and professional education is the cornerstone of our success in health care, however we also need to understand that education does not have to be solely clinically based – i.e. you need to get into the business and self development section of the book shop as well as keep up to date with advances in clinical information.

I was fortunate to commence my physiotherapy businesses inside fitness centres – and when I started presenting at fitness conventions there was always an excellent “Business“ strand that ran in parallel to the more technical sessions. Over the years I found myself spending more and more time in the Business strand and less in the technical area of these conventions.

Unfortunately there is still a very poor business focus in most health professional conferences outside the fitness industry – however this is slowly changing.

What to Do About It?

 There is no other solution than to start spending equal amounts of time on your “business education” as you do on your “clinical and technical education”.

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Make your way to your local library and spend time in the business section , start buying business and marketing books, listen to marketing experts like Jay Abraham, Brad Sugars, Jim Rohn, Brian Tracey, and Jay Conrad Levinson – these people can really challenge your business thinking.

Also make sure you join my “Profit Club” program and get your hands on some of my health business building DVDs – all specifically focused on health businesses like yours – click on this link for more information on “Profit Club” –

Good luck in your health business.

Paul Wright



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