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Try This With Your Admin Team to Allow a Pain Free Price Rise in Your Practice

In a private VIP mentor session last week, I was helping a client raise their fees and our discussion led to issues with his admin team.

He was concerned his admin team would worry about any fee increase and then he dropped the clanger:

“Because all of our new patients ask the price of the consult fee when they call to book an initial assessment”.

My immediate concern was his admin team were telling the new patient callers the price of the consult, even if the caller did not ask.

If you have been around my programs and emails for some time, you will know my stance on fees and how we promote our fees to clients.

Essentially, we don’t.

I do not want my clients to display their fees on their websites, on their front counter or on any marketing material.

I certainly DO NOT want the admin team to tell the client our fees when the client calls to book an initial assessment, unless the client specifically asks, and even then it is only after we have talked about our value proposition.

Anyway, back to my client and his comment that all callers ask the price.

I instructed my client to test this assertion by creating a simple one page scorecard where the admin team records all first time client caller to the clinic.

This scorecard has 2 columns.

The admin team puts a stroke in the left column if the new patient asks the fee when they called, or a column on the right if the caller did not ask the fee.

We then check the results after a week and see what percentage of callers do ask the fees.

In this experiment we are trying to achieve TWO main objectives:

ONE – what % of callers actually ask the price when they book in, which will help my client and his admin team understand that all patients at his clinic are not actually price sensitive at all.

TWO – I want to stop the admin team from blurting out the fees to callers who do not even ask, as I am concerned his admin team are drawing attention to the fees when the client is not really concerned about fees in the first place.

I predicted that less than 50% of the caller to his clinic actually ask the price at all, my client thinks it will be more like 90%.

What does this mean for your health business?

Well, if you are concerned about your admin team focusing too much on consult fees and not enough on booking in the client so you can help them improve their health, I suggest you do the same survey in your practice.

Do this for one week only and let me know your results so we can get a collective score and see once and for all , if your clients are price sensitive or not.

I hope this helps you in your health business.

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