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How to Niche Your Way to Health Business Success

I am currently working with many of my VIP mentor clients to create an effective niche inside their health businesses.

I have clients developing programs for specific shoulder conditions, concussion management, migraine, falls prevention and even men’s pelvic health issues.

Whilst some health business owners worry about limiting their market if they claim to have specific interests or programs, the smart owners know niching is one of the cornerstones of  business success, and can make you virtually untouchable to your competition.

Simply because you end up not having any competition.

Which is why I was so happy to speak to Physical Therapist, Nicole Cozean for this month’s Profit Club Academy session.

Nicole is the founder of Pelvic Sanity, an allied health practice located in California, who specialise in the treatment and care of Pelvic dysfunction in men and women.

She is also the creator of “Pelvic PT Rising” an online community of allied health professionals looking to increase their knowledge and experience in pelvic health treatment and the business of treating pelvic dysfunction.

As Nicole says in her presentation, there are many advantages to identifying and developing a solid niche in your practice including:

a) Fee Freedom – the most specialised you are the higher fees you can charge, compared to those providing more general services.

b) Reduced Competition – provided you choose your niche carefully, there are fewer professionals marketing their services within a specific niche. Leading to lower and more effective advertising costs.

c) Targeted Marketing Message – any marketing expert will tell you, it is much more expensive to get a general message out to a larger audience, than it is to send a targeted message to a smaller crowd. 

d) Referrals Are Easier to Generate – most referral partners prefer to send their friends and contacts to a health professional who is known for helping a specific problem, as compared to referring to a generalist. The referral to a specialist is less risky for the referrer and more likely to lead to a successful outcome for the client.

Nicole essentially owns the Pelvic Health space in her community, as well as positioning herself as the “Go To Person” in her area, and even across the USA.

If you want to know exactly how she did it, and how to effectively niche your business, make sure you check out Nicole’s full session titled  “How to Niche Your Way to Health Business Success“.

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Stay safe everyone and I hope to see you in the Profit Club Academy soon.

I hope this helps you in your health business.



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