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How Does My Brother in Laws Valentines Day Mistake Impact Your Health Business?

Valentines Day has been and gone, however, I had to laugh at my brother in laws take on this important day and the business lesson we can all learn from his “effort“.

When asked about how his Valentines Day had gone, he mentioned how his wife had cooked him breakfast and bought him a little gift – sounds good so far.

However, when asked about what he did for his wife he said:

Nothing, but I will get her a card and some flowers tomorrow – because they will be cheaper then“.

Now, you can’t fault his logic – flowers will most certainly be cheaper the day after Valentines Day.

However, I can’t help but think his cost cutting campaign will not get him the brownie points he may be expecting from his other half.

Now, what can we learn from my brother in laws efforts?

There is a saying in business – “Pay once – cry once“.

Meaning, there are certain times in your business, and life, journey – where you just have to suck it up and pay the price. Even if the amount is more than you really want to pay.

As a health business owner you may have to pay a potential therapist a few dollars more an hour, to ensure they accept your job offer.

The rent increase on your premises may be more than you had expected, but even with the higher rent you are still highly profitable.

You decide to buy the more powerful, and more expensive, office computer – so your team can get their work done more efficiently.

Sometimes you just have to pay the higher price because the rewards are greater than the risk of choosing the lower price option.

“Pay once – cry once”.

I wonder if my brother in law will be crying when his wife receives her cut price card and wilting flowers.

I hope this helps you in your health business.

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