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The Uncomfortable Secret to Business (and Life) Success

In a recent call with a private mentor clients , we were discussing what to do about a long time admin team member, who was becoming difficult and disruptive in my clients business.

You know the story, this is the admin team member who has been with you so long they are resistant to change.

They are set in their ways and only want to do things the way they have always been done ,even if a better option exists.

They have become openly resistant, and even challenged your authority and decisions in front of other team members.

Essentially, they have become a destabilising influence in the business.

Yet, they have been a long term team member, maybe even been to your house for dinner, and you have been through a lot together.

So what do you do?

Well, as I said to my client, at times like this you need to remember one of the secrets to business and life success.

Your success in business, and often in life, is determined by the number of difficult conversations you are willing to have“.

Meaning, my VIP client needs to have a “difficult conversation” with this admin team member about how their performance is impacting the business.

As the owner of the business, my VIP client has a responsibility to the rest of their team, their family, and their clients – to ensure the business is operating effectively and all systems are being followed.

This issue will NOT go away on it’s own.

Unfortunately, many health business owners steer clear of these “difficult conversations” using excuses such as:

– I will do it later

– they will improve

– what if they leave?

– what if they don’t like me any more?

– what if they cry and get upset?

– what if I cry and get upset?

There is no avoiding this – the difficult conversation has to be had – and SOON.

I am sure ,as you are reading this, you are thinking about some “difficult conversations” you need to have.

The conversation with the therapist who is always running late for their next appointment.

The admin team member always arriving 10 minutes late for their shift.

The therapist who is falling behind on their clinical notes and invoicing, even though every other therapist is up to date.

The therapist who seems to have lost his deodorant – but no-one wants to say anything.

Your job as a business owner, and the key to your success, is to have as many of these difficult conversations as you can in your business.

It is the only way to ensure you stay in control of your business, and your team, otherwise you will end up feeling like your business (and team) are controlling you.

I hope this helps you in your health business.

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