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Do Not Fire a Team Member Until You Read This

In a recent call with a private mentor client ,we were discussing what to do about a team member who was not performing as well as my client would have liked in his health business.

My clients immediate and initial reaction was to simply fire this team member and replace them with a therapist who would hopefully perform better.

Hang on , hang on” – I said – then I proceeded to ask the following questions of my client:

– What training have you given the team member up to this point?

– What KPI’s are you using to determine the fact this team member is under-performing?

– How do this team members KPI’s compare to other team members who are treating a similar list of clients?

– Does the team member know these KPI’s , and were they aware they would be measured on these numbers when they started working in your health business?

– Have you done all you can to help this team member be a success in your business?

– Did the team member receive a comprehensive and thorough induction when they first joined the team?

– Were you (the owner) quick to identify this team members poor performance, and did you take immediate action to help the team member improve their performance?

The key to my questions is to determine if my client had “Earned the Right” to fire this team member.

Many health business owners re actively decide to fire a team member, instead of firstly looking at their own performance as a practice owner and manager.

Team members DO NOT typically join your business thinking they were going to be an “under-performer”.

They join your team , expecting to be a successful and valuable member of your organisation.

As a result of our discussion, my VIP client went back to this team member, apologised for not doing a great job assisting them to be successful, and started the induction again.

Now be aware, this team member may still end up as an under performer and will need to be let go.

HOWEVER, the owner at least earned the right to fire them, instead of losing a potentially good team member who was the victim of a poor induction and team training process.

I hope this helps you in your health business.  

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