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Four Words Your Therapists Should Never Use in a Consultation in 2021

In December I spoke about the “6 Words of Death” health professionals often use as Christmas approached.

In case you missed the message – those words are:

“Call Me in the New Year”

However, there is one other phrase health professionals use which can also have a massive impact on your business.

It is when a therapist says to a patient:

“See How You Go”.

These 4 words are usually said when a therapist is wrapping up a course of treatment and the patient is being semi discharged from care.

However – there is a massive issue here.

In many cases the client is not 100% pain or injury free – however the therapist is choosing to semi discharge the patient and see what happens to the clients problem over time.

Not a great discharge plan – I am sure you agree.

One of my private clients felt so strongly about this she did an in-service with her full therapy team to discuss the use of the words “See How You Go” in her practice.

In her in-service she presented a description of what she believes the therapist is actually saying when they use the words ” See How You Go” to a client.

She believes the real message the therapist is delivering to a client when they say – “See How You Go” is one of the following:

  • I really don’t want to see you anymore so I hope you will go away.
  • I really don’t know what to do with you so I hope you will go away.
  • I can’t get you better so I hope you will go away.
  • I really don’t care about you so I hope you will go away.

The training session provided my clients team with a real “light bulb moment” because she believes the use of these words is actually a reflection on the therapists themselves.

Now I understand we are never going to be able to get every client back to 100% function and live a pain free life – HOWEVER – for goodness sake – don’t semi discharge them with a lame ” see how you go” and hope time heals them.

You need to be more direct in your plan.

So a better script would be somethng like:

Ok Mrs Jones – I need you to spend the next 2 weeks completing the exercise and stretching plan I gave you – then in our next session on (insert exact date) I will do a full re-assessment to see where we are at – and decide exactly what we do next

At least in this script – you have not written off the client – and can advise them on the next course of action if they have not had considerable improvement in their condition over the 2 week period.

I suggest you get all of your therapy team to read this email and be aware of the use of the words “See How You Go” in your practice.

I hope this helps you in your health business.

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