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Successful Chiropractor Throws Down the Yellow Pages

I recently heard about a busy executive who attended his local – and very successful Chiropractor.

This executive had been to a number of health professionals for his long standing back problem but had never really had the success he wanted from his treatment program – largely because – by his own admission – he was very busy and was unable to attend regular treatment sessions.

But this new practitioner was different.

At the end of the initial examination the Chiropractor was presenting her report and recommendations – which involved the executive coming to her clinic for treatment three times a week for the next two weeks.

The executive, knowing the chance of him attending regular sessions was remote due to his busy schedule, informed the Chiropractor that he was unable to commit to a regular treatment plan – just like he had mentioned to his past health professionals.

On hearing this – the Chiropractor left the treatment room – only to return with the local Yellow Pages – open to the section on “Chiropractors” – she then said:

“Look – I really think I can help you but if you are not serious about the program I am recommending to you – your progress will be limited, you will get a poor outcome, and not speak well of my business.  I have marked in the yellow pages the names of a number of excellent Chiropractors that would be more than willing to take you on”.

At this time – the executive looked back at his diary and said “I think I can make the times after all – I need to put myself first – don’t’ I”.

This is a typical example of how the health professional took control of the patients’ condition and “set the buying criteria” – so the Chiropractor was in charge of the patients plan – not the patient.

 I am sure you can clearly see that due to the definitive way this Chiropractor handled the follow up bookings – the executives results will be greatly improved, the patient’s compliance will increase and the therapist will have better job satisfaction.

I suggest all health professionals follow this Chiropractors lead – otherwise – your patients are dictating the terms of their treatment plan – which can only end in misery for everyone.

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