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Health professionals are in an incredibly valuable position when it comes to improving the quality of lives of their community and clients.

How many professions can say they get the chance to make such huge differences to the lives of their clients?.

Every day, in allied health practices all over the world, professionals just like you are helping clients return to work, get back to the sport they love, move pain free or even get a better nights sleep.

However, many professionals in health care limit their impact to just their immediate client list, as opposed to thinking bigger, and trying to share their incredible message with a much larger audience.

Which I why I was so pleased to help Physiotherapist, and Profit Club presenter, Max Kavanagh, launch his new YouTube channel – “Pain Free Movement“.

This first video from the channel is lower down in this email – titled “The Single Most Important Thing in Life” – great title Max.

The second video on the “Pain Free Movement” channel is titled “How Does Pain Actually Work” – so check out both initial videos when you can.

Max knows how important it is to expand his audience, help more people and also position himself as the go to person for pain reduction in his community.

Take a look at what Max is doing on his YouTube channel, see how he is expanding his reach, and follow his journey on his Pain Free Movement Facebook page at:

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