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My Super Effective Hiring Hack to Guarantee Your Applicant Says YES

In a recent post I spoke about the shortage of therapists and how this is limiting the growth and profits in many allied health businesses.

When there is a lack of available labour supply, you need to do everything possible to ensure the applicant says “YES” if you decide to offer them the position.

You want to make sure you have positioned your business as the ideal place for the team member to undertake the next stage of their career.

What you DO NOT want is to go to the time and trouble of advertising, interviewing and checking references – only to have the applicant knock back your offer.

You want the hiring decision to be YOURS , not theirs.

One way guarantee the applicant will say yes if you offer them a job is to position yourself as the ideal employer.

One of my best and most successful strategies was to use the old “Drop in and look around” strategy.

Whenever a potential team member expressed interest in joining my team, I immediately suggested they drop into one of our practices, and take a look around.

Then, if they liked what they saw and could see themselves as part of the team, get back in touch with me to take the discussion further.

As most of my clinics were located inside amazing fitness centres, I knew the applicant would be blown away by the facilities, rehab equipment, pools and just the energy of a pumping health and fitness club.

I also directed the applicant to introduce themselves to the admin and therapist on duty when the applicant arrived at the clinic and just say something like:

“Hi I’m Brian, I am a Physio who may be starting work for you guys, Paul suggested I drop in and take a look around“.

This “drop in” systems gave me TWO massive advantages:

  1. Once the applicant had been seduced by the energy , equipment and facilities of the gym environment – I knew they would want to work for my company if I offered them a position, often regardless of the wage I was prepared to pay them (assuming of course they were gym based, sporty and exercise types).
  2. My current team members were continually meeting new therapists who were looking to work at my company. The current therapists were made well aware I would be able to replace them if they left (OK I am shameless – but it worked).

So what is the lesson for you as a current health business owner?

Look for ways to make your business the ideal place for the potential applicant to work, BEFORE they even arrive for their initial interview.

If you have a great facility – get them to drop in and take a look around, BEFORE they formally apply for a position.

Invite them to your upcoming educational in-service to see your professional education program in action – BEFORE they formally apply for the position.

Send them a full list of your upcoming education sessions or the outline of your comprehensive therapist mentor program – BEFORE they formally apply for a position.

You have to do everything you can ensure the applicant says YES if you decide to offer them a position – especially when labour supply is tight.

I hope this helps you in your health business.

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