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How to Grow from 1 to 200 – and Enjoy the Journey

One of the biggest rewards I have had in my 30 year health business career has been to watch the growth, development and success of many of the original team members in my practices.

One great success story of a former Get Active Physiotherapy team member has been Jonathan Moody, co-founder of Physio Inc – one of Australia’s largest and most successful allied health companies.

Which is why I was so happy to be able to interview Jonathan for this months Profit Club and Profit Club Academy training session – titled : “How to Grow a Team from 1 to 200 – and Enjoy the Journey“.

In this fantastic training session Jonathan lays out the exact process he went through to take Physio Inq from a small practice in Western Sydney – to a multi site giant with over 200 team members.

One key to Jonathan’s success has been his incredible focus on what he calls the “House Rules” at Physio Inq.

He says there are only THREE rules at Physio Inq:

1.    Employees always come first
2.    Clients deserve an incredible experience
3.    Referrers are treated like royalty

These “house rules” make it easy for Jonathan and his team to identify where there has been a failure in a system or process, and what must be done to ensure this failure does not happen again.

In the session Jonathan also talks at length about partnerships, franchising and licence agreements as they relate to allied health businesses.

He believes many health business owners fluctuate between a state of “Fierce Independence” and a state of  “Fierce Reliance”.

Meaning there are times in your health business journey when you thrive and excel being the sole owner and operator of the business – this is the state of fierce independence.

Yet there are times when you need the support of partners , licence holders and franchisors to help you manage your business – this is the state of fierce reliance.

The secret is to understand the “Independence V’s Reliance” is flexible and changes as you go through your personal business journey.

I also loved the section of the presentation where Jonathan shares exactly what to do when a situation falls outside your systems manual, and the brutally honest sections where Jonathan talks about how the business almost went belly up, due to a failure to correctly understand his numbers.

If you want to know exactly how to expand your business, grow your team and save yourself years of financial pain, then make sure you check out Jonathan’s full session titled  “How to Grow a Team from 1 to 200 – and Enjoy the Journey”.

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Stay safe everyone and  I hope to see you in the Profit Club Academy soon.

I hope this helps you in your health business.  

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