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Employment Secrets – How to Never Miss Out on a Potential Team Member Again

I saw a statistic from one of our largest online employment sites last week which said the number of health businesses placing adverts for therapists is up over 70% on the corresponding period last year.

I can see this in my private VIP elite mentor clients – where over 90% of them are actively advertising for more therapists.

Increased focus on personal health and more discretionary income in our clients bank accounts (from not taking expensive overseas holidays), has led to a perfect storm and record growth in many health practices.

However, this growth requires more labour to deliver the services, which is just not available at the moment.

I hear many health business owners in online forums wondering where all the therapists have gone, however, in real terms there is probably the same number of therapists available as usual , but there is a much higher demand.

When labour supply is thin on the ground, you MUST make sure you put yourself in a good position to secure the applicant, should they apply ( and are suitable of course)

In my world and the world of my VIP elite clients we talk about positioning them as “the ideal employer”.

Meaning, we need to do as much as we can to guarantee the applicant accepts our employment offer, should we decide to make one.

Here are a few of the strategies my VIP elite clients use to make themselves the “Ideal Employer”.

Firstly, make sure your adverts are all about the applicant, their frustrations, their needs, and their desires – NOT about your business.

Make your interview all about the applicant also.

Ask questions such as “What frustrated you about your last position?”

“Exactly what do you want to achieve and learn in your next position?”

Then, assuming you can deliver what they need, you can say:

“Well you are in the right place because at XYZ Health – when you join the team you get ………..”

I also like my VIP clients to send information to the applicant before and after the interview, which further helps position you as the preferred employer and the ideal next employer for them.

It may be a list of the education resources available to all team members, a summary of your upcoming in-services, or full details of your comprehensive mentor program.

One final tip is in the area of recruitment speed.

In the good old days of health business recruitment we told owners to “Hire Slow and Fire Fast”.

Fire fast still applies however when labour supply is tight, you actually need to move fast to secure the applicant.

Arrange the interview quickly, make the offer quickly, and get them to sign the contract quickly.

There are so many options out there at the moment for therapists you want them locked in asap so they stop looking for other opportunities.

I hope this helps you in your health business.

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