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How This Health Professional Did Everything Right

In a recent post I wrote about the health professional who “Lost Me at Hello” by not paying attention, failing to make eye contact and staring at the screen as Helen and I explained the reason for our visit. 

If you missed the “Lost me at Hello” message – you can find a copy at: 

Well, just when I have lost faith in the medical profession – along comes the most caring, thoughtful and aware surgeon I have ever met. 

The guy did everything right. 

He listened when we spoke. 

Made eye contact and nodded often. 

Was genuinely caring in his approach. 

Made sure we understood our options. 

And at no time did he make us feel rushed, or worried about taking up his valuable time. 

Now the real lesson here, it is not a huge task to turn the “Lost Me at Hello” doctor, into the “Caring Doctor”. 

There is no expensive clinic re-fitout required. 

No website update needed.

No expensive marketing campaign. 

The “Lost me At Hello” guy just needs some training and awareness of the importance of great customer service. 

He just needs to understand how to deliver a more carefully constructed client experience journey 

Now I could have easily gone onto social media or left a nasty Google review about the poor service delivered by “Dr Lost Me at Hello” – however that is not my style (I prefer to share these stories anonymously as content for my blogs and lectures). 

However, he may not be so lucky with his next unhappy client who may go on a keyboard frenzy across multiple social channels and forums. 

The lesson here for all health business owners, is you cannot assume your team are delivering great client experiences each and every time. 

You must be training them, monitoring them and asking for feedback from your valued clients just to be sure your team and you are on the same page regarding client experiences. 

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I hope this helps you in your health business 



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