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How This Health Professional Lost Me at “Hello”

I visited a health professional last week with my beautiful wife, Helen, and once again came away feeling incredibly disappointed at the poor customer service on offer from many health professionals. 

There we were, sitting on the the opposite side of the desk from this “Professional” when he opened the conversation with: 

So what can I help you with“. 

Ok ,a fair enough start, however I would have suggested he try a little rapport building before launching into the guts of our visit. 

But from them it was all downhill. 

As Helen started explaining the reason for our visit his eyes moved to his computer screen and there they stayed for the next 5 minutes while Helen was speaking. 

Not once did his eyes divert from the screen. 

No nodding. 

No empathetic “that must be very hard for you” 

No eye contact. 


He just kept reading whatever was on the screen as Helen was speaking. 

Now I can only hope he was looking at his computer screen to read scans, or a letter for another professional or something related to our visit – and not checking his bank balance or updating his Tinder profile. 

Now I am no wilting flower when it comes to speaking my mind but it was all I could do to not say something like: 

Would you like Helen to stop speaking while you finish what you are looking at on the screen so you can concentrate on what she is saying?”. 

This guy had failed to develop any trust, confidence or rapport with us – so it was no surprise we will not be going back. 

Now here is the problem. 

YOU pride yourself on the quality of care you and your team deliver and would NEVER make a client feel like this this guy made Helen and I feel. 

Yet, I am sure if you asked this guy about his quality of care he would also say he was great. 

What YOU believe and what your clients believe are often worlds apart. 

In my soon to be released “Ultimate Patient and Client Experience System” Vance “The Disney Guy” Morris revealed a startling statistic from the people at Lee research. 

They found 80% of businesses think they deliver great service. 

YET ONLY 8% of their customers feel they get great customer service. 

So my question to you as a health business owner is: 

“Do you give great customer service to your patients and would your patients agree that you do?” 

You have to ensure all of your team are on the same page regarding the delivery of outstanding service, because it only takes one grumpy admin team member or therapist to destroy all of your hard work. 

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I hope this helps you in your health business  



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