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How to Use Your Your Business Brand to Disaster Proof Your Income

Health business owners are under constant pressure and threats such as:

 – a team member taking your database and opening up down the road. 

– a new competitor opening a practice in your area.

 – a valued and regular referring doctor retiring or closing their practice. 

– your best therapist falling off an Elephant in Thailand, breaking their arm and not being able to work for 6 weeks (this happened in one of my health businesses years ago). 

– allied health providers from other professions cutting into your market share by expanding their scopes of practice and improving their marketing. 

Regardless of the potential threats, all health business owners need to be aware of these risks and prepare for all possible invasions. 

One way to reduce the impact of these situations is to work hard on your positioning and business brand. 

You need to do everything you can to make “Your Business” the product, not just specific members of your therapy team. 

One way to do this is by registering a profession specific domain name like I did for the World Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy Business Success Summit.


As leading online branding expert, and summit speaker, Glenn Ruscoe explained in his summit session, in this digital age your first impression is more often your website and your website’s first impression is its domain name.   

Here is just some of what Glenn spoke about in his presentation: 

Domain names are not just an address, they advise, educate and entice.  The best domain name is short, memorable, relevant, easy to say and easy to type.

And the closer it matches your business name, the more powerful it can be.

The physiotherapy and physical therapy (physio) community is extremely fortunate to have available the new .physio domain extension, that makes achieving all of the objectives above much simpler.  

And in terms of matching your business name with the .physio extension, for many your new domain name can be exact.  

For example, the imaginary Sydney Physiotherapy at can now have the more succinct 

With an exact match with your business name your new domain name offers ‘branded navigation’ – where with just a few words you can tell people who you are, what you do and where to go for more information.  

Clever physio’s are building their exact match domains into their logo.

Industry research shows that on searches, domain extensions like .physio offer an 8% increase in search engine optimisation (higher rankings), a 25% increase in click-ability (people are more likely to click on your website link) and reports of greater satisfaction with your website content.  

All of that free of charge and continually working.If all those benefits are not enough also consider the downside of not taking any action.  

For any business, brand is everything and securing your business name with the .physio domain extension ensures your Intellectual Property is well protected.

Imagine the problems you will have if your competitor, which includes businesses of the same name in other countries register your business name as their domain name.

The .physio domain names are available from and for US$89 they are the best value marketing tool you can get.  

And if that’s not enough provided a free Weebly webpage and two free email accounts with every domain name bought.

 If you have not yet registered for and watched Glenn’s full session at the summit you can get FREE and Instant access at: www.Summit.Physio 

The 5 day event launches for you the moment you register. 

Enjoy the summit.



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