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How to Become 30 Times More Likely to Achieve Your Goals

I have done a lot of goal setting workshops in my time, and as a result I like to think I am quite knowledgeable on the fundamentals of making and achieving goals.

That was until I met and interviewed goal setting guru, Declan Edwards for this months Profit Club training session.

Many of you would have heard about the common goal setting formula – SMART.

However, very few people understand the SMART system, was designed for and is primarily useful for  larger corporate businesses, not small to medium sized health business owners and their teams.

In the original SMART goal setting system, the “A” in SMART was used to refer to the step in the goal setting process being “Achievable”.

As Declan explained in his presentation, have a goal that is said to be “Achievable” often sets us up for failure or disappointment, as we often place limitations on our own level of achievement.

In Declan’s “New Smart” system, his team have replaced the word “Achievable” with “Actionable“.

This change allows you to list and describe the exact steps and tasks you need to complete to achieve your goal.

Moving further into the “Actionable” part of the “New SMART” system Declan believes you need to break down the exact actions into smaller tasks, such as:

a) First 24 Hours:

This is a task or activity you can complete within the first 24 hours after setting your goal. It may be as simple as sending an email or making a phone call – however the key is you have taken some action towards achieving your larger goal.

b) What is the Natural Flow on from the First Step Above:

So having sent the email, what is the natural progression or follow up.

If you sent an email, then the natural follow up may be to make a follow up phone call or send a text message which will move you closer to your desired outcome.

c)The Tipping Point:

This is the simple progression to the step above. You continue to take action after action – regardless of how small the step or action appears.

What happens using the “Actionable” system is you keep repeating these 3 steps – so small gains are made each time , and you keep getting closer and closer to your desired outcome.

Declan believes, because we do not set up the exact action ( regardless of how small this action may seem), we end up feeling overwhelmed with the impression the goal is just too hard to achieve.

So take Declans advice and break down your goal into 3 simple and easy actions to help you gain some momentum, then repeat the process with the next 3 steps.

I think this 3 step system is incredibly valuable for health business owners who are often overwhelmed and have new tasks or problems thrust on them over and over again.

If you are interested in how to achieve your goals Declans full session is titled “How to Become 30 Times More Likely to Achieve Your Goals”, and expands on how the original SMART goal setting program is not overly useful for health business owners.

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I hope this helps you in your health business. 



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