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Why Your Competition is NOT Who You Think It Is !!

When speaking to health business owners they often talk about “Their Competition“.

They mention the fees the other health business may be charging for treatment, the competitors lack of experience, or the competitors older equipment.

Many also talk about the poor customer service delivered by the rival health business.

However, what these health business owners fail to appreciate is when it comes to customer service and patient satisfaction, their main competition IS NOT other health businesses.

Your competition, in the clients eyes, is actually the last few businesses your patient had dealings with BEFORE and AFTER they came to see you for their consultation.

Vance “The Disney Guy” Morris, shared this valuable insight as part of the “Ultimate Patient Experience Program”- which I will be releasing in late October.

Think about what Vance is saying here.

If your patient ,on the way to their appointment with you, buys a pair of jeans from the shop up the road from your practice and received INCREDIBLE service while buying these jeans –  YOU are in competition with the jean shop.

The patient will be psychologically comparing your level of service to that of the jean store – simply because this was the most recent comparison point.

Imagine if the staff at the jean store made the client feel super special and cared for.

The jean store staff asked their name and used it often in their discussion about what jeans to buy.

The jean store staff developed great rapport and made the client laugh.

The staff brought out a great range of jean styles and expertly ensured the buyer looked great in their new purchase.

The staff mentioned the money back guarantee, reminded the buyer of the no questions return policy, and gave them a voucher for a great discount on their next purchase.

The buyer walks out thinking “WOW – what a great experience

Then walks into your practice for their appointment.

This patient will instantly compare the level of service and care delivered in the jean shop – to the level of care and service they receive as a client of your health practice.

Bottom line, when it comes to customer service, you ARE NOT in competition with other health businesses.

You are in competition with ALL businesses and providers – not just health care businesses.

It is not good enough to be the health business who provides the best service of all health businesses in your area.

You need to be the business who provides the best service OF ALL businesses in your area.

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