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Who Else Wants More Profit and Business Freedom in 2020?

At some stage in their lives, all health business owners need to make what I call – “The Decision“.

It is the decision about whether they want to be a therapist OR a health business owner.

The decision is forced on the owners as they gradually expand their team and are faced with the demands of managing a team, as well as delivering great care to their own personal list of clients.

I learnt many years ago, as the number of team members in your health business grows, the less one on one consulting you can do as the owner.

Failing to reduce your therapy hours as your team grows, is a recipe for burnout and fatigue.

The pain of balancing your clinical workload with running your  business is exactly why I created the FREE  Business Freedom Blueprint” online presentation.

In this ONE Hour training session (from the comfort of your own home or office) you will be given the Golden Keys to:

– Increasing profits

– Reducing your workload and overwhelm

– Boost staff engagement and productivity

– Skyrocket practice efficiency

Reduce cancellations

– Spending more time with your family and friends and less hassles at work.

Join the hundreds of smart owners who have already attended my live “Business Freedom Blueprint” seminars across Australia , UK and Canada  BUT this time you can attend ONLINE from your own computer – for FREE

There are TWO options available to attend the LIVE presentations:

Wednesday August 26th, 2020 at 7am – Sydney Time


Wednesday August 26th, 2020 at 5pm – Sydney Time

Find out the full details and register for this LIVE and FREE ONLINE TRAINING at the link below:

NOTE – There is NOTHING being sold on this webinar, so leave your credit card at home and just enjoy the content.



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