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How Much Money is Your Front Desk Leaking?

Yesterday I had a mentor session with Beverly, a practice owner from Sydney.

During our coaching call, Bev kept emphasizing how the main problem at her clinic was marketing.

Hang on, hang on,” I said to Bev.

“I’ve seen your marketing and you’re right on track. You don’t have a marketing or traffic problem, you have a front desk training problem.”

Trust me, I’ve seen this time and time again with clinic owners.

They keep spending money on marketing but they are not investing in their front desk teams to train them to be confident and effective over the phones.

I say to all of my clients – “You have to EARN THE RIGHT to market your practice”.

Meaning, you have to make sure your internal systems, scripts, and front desk training is first class BEFORE you even think about spending time and money to drive new clients into your practice.

For instance, are you teaching your admin team how to handle patient objections such as price, appointment availability or seeing a different therapist because their regular therapist is on holidays?

Are you training them so they know how to answer basic questions or deal with calls when your practice is super busy and can’t fit new clients in?

Are you teaching them how to deliver exceptional patient experience over the phones? Especially during this difficult time with Covid?

These are the exact questions I asked Bev and guess what she said…

She said: “Not really. I guess I could do a lot more on this front.”

Like many health business owners, she had not earned the right to market her business, so we got to work developing a comprehensive training program for her front desk team.

The realization money is leaking from your Front Desk can completely change your business and your profits.

Your patients are already calling you but are you answering and converting all the calls into appointments?

If you can relate to this, I’ve got a special gift for you.

Get a FREE Mystery Caller Test by clicking the link below…

This front desk test is normally valued at $199 but I got my good friends at CallHero (who have analyzed and tested over +2 million patient phone calls) to give it to you for FREE so you can use it to train your team

How it works is a professional mystery patient caller will call your clinic one time as a patient.

Then grade your staff based on our comprehensive 19 point patient experience inspection.

Here’s what else is included in this free test:

1) Comprehensive 19-Point Patient Experience Inspection so you know exactly how to improve boost your conversion rates over the phone.

2) A CallHero phone coach will break down the call for you… and discuss what they did right… what phone scripts they should of used… what could have been done better.

3) You’ll see how well your staff responds to common basic questions that they’ll face daily.

4) A one page ranking sheet to how your clinic stacks up to all the clinics in your area

5) A full transcription of the call for quick reading.

Click Below to claim your FREE Mystery Caller Test

And I can tell you this…

If you put the strategies from the test into action, you’ll be guaranteed to have even more new patient bookings this year.



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