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Why Ownership Mentality is a Myth and is Better Forgotten

In my FREE presentation – “Why Your Team Won’t Listen to You and What to Do About It” – I talk about the myth of “Ownership Mentality” and how this idea drives many health business owners to the depths of despair.

I hear it all the time from health business owners:

“If the team just had more ownership of the business, all would be fine as everything would not all be left to me”.

However, in reality, the concept of “Ownership Mentality” is a dangerous and mythical beast.

Owners want their team members to display the same traits, behaviors and the same work ethic as they do.

These “Owner Behaviors” may include some of the following:

  • stay back late to help with a computer problem
  • come in early to see an extra patient who could not make it inside regular work hours
  • take notice of a new gym opening up the road and arrange to visit them to create a possible joint venture
  • look at creating solutions to a business problem rather than complaining about the actual problem itself
  • Create a new program in the business which will increase revenue
  • Develop social media content to send to the client list – without being told to do it or being paid extra to do this.

Owners continue to be frustrated by team members NOT having an ownership mentality, however as I explain in my presentation, this is largely impossible.

Unless you actually take them on as a partner, or give them a significant Profit Share deal, they are rarely ( if ever) going to have an ownership mentality.

Now you may occasionally get lucky, and find a gem of a team member who does all of the above and really treats the business like it was theirs.

However, this is the exception rather than the rule.

As I explain in the presentation, you are better off accepting “Ownership Mentality” DOES NOT exist, and move on creating a business that runs on systems, processes and procedures.

And NOT RELY on finding the elusive superstar team member.

If you want to find out more about how to overcome your disappointment with team members not stepping up to the plate and behaving like an owner, then make sure you watch the FREE presentation:

“Why Your Team Won’t Listen to You and What to Do About It”

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