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How to Never Worry About a Team Member Leaving Your Health Business Again

In the early stages of my private VIP mentor program, I spend a lot of time helping these health business owners deal with the complex and potentially frustrating issues of team turnover and recruitment.

From years of experience in my own health businesses and from helping hundreds of clients in my VIP private mentor program there are TWO keys to never worrying about a team member leaving your health business.

1: Great Systems

As Michael Gerber, author of “The E-Myth” said:

“You need to leverage ordinary people with great systems”.

Great systems and processes give even the newest and most inexperienced therapist, a structured environment to operate under.

So your systems make the new therapist seem much better than they really are in terms of knowledge and delivering great treatment outcomes.

The recruitment benefit of these great systems means you now have a wider net of potential team members who can be a success in your health business.

You no longer need to try and find experienced therapists to do the actual delivery of your key service.

You can leverage these more readily available inexperienced therapists with your great systems, so you do not need to be as highly selective regarding your hiring decisions.

2 : Always be Hiring

I am a huge believer in the “First Who – Then What” hiring principle.

Meaning, as a health business owner you should ALWAYS be hiring, even if you do not have an actual position available at the time.

In a VIP mentor session this morning, a client told me how her hairdresser recently asked if she was looking for any new Physios to join her health business.

My client , without checking with me, casually replied:

“No we are fully staffed at the moment”

When I heard this, I immediately asked my client to follow up with the Hairdresser, get more information, and also contact details of the Physio looking for work.

As I said to my client, you never know what skills, client list, or initiatives this new therapist may bring to your organization.

Even if you don’t have a position available, at least make a call, develop a relationship and keep them on your radar in case something does come up.

The more potential therapists you have circling around your business waiting for an opportunity to come on board, the less stressed you will be about a current team member leaving.

The added benefit of this “Always be Hiring” strategy is you never feel trapped by the wage demands or non system compliance of any current team member.

You essentially have more control of your business and your team, simply by having plenty of options should a current team member leave your business.

So there you have it.

The secrets to never worrying about team turnover are having great systems, and always being on the lookout for potential team members, even when you DO NOT have a position available.

My mentors always told me, the best time to hire a new team member is when you don’t actually need one.

Good advice I think.

I hope this help you in your health business.

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