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Why Health Business Owners Get Nothing Done and What to Do About It

Each and every one of us have  24 hours each day to achieve our desired outcomes. 

Yet why are some people so productive and others seem to never get anything done? 

One reason for low productivity in health business owners is “The Curse of Perfectionism“. 

Health professionals are so aware of their “professional reputation” , they become paralyzed by the thought of putting their name or face to anything which is not 100% perfect (assuming perfection is even possible). 

I see it over and over again in health businesses. 

The owner has a great idea for a low back pain treatment program their clients will really benefit from. 

Yet, they spend months , and even years, fine tuning the detail of the program so they are confident the program will stand up to peer review and not damage the professionals reputation in any way. 

The price for this level of detail and perfectionism is – you guessed it – speed. 

Many of these programs never see the light of day because the creator is always making another adjustment, changing something, or waiting for one more section to be perfect. 

I have been fortunate NOT to have been cursed by the perfectionist gene. I know my programs are great – however I realize they all could be improved in some way. 

There may be a typo on the program manual. A missed word here or there on the recording. 

An extra video which may have explained a concept a little better. 

BUT – it was not worth delaying the program release to wait for it to be perfect. 

My mentors have shared some fantastic ideas and thoughts which have served me well in this area. 

My favourites include: “Better to be 80% and out the door than 100% and in the drawer” (from Steve Brossman)

 “Done Beats Perfect” ( from Dan Kennedy) 

“If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product or program – you have launched too late” ( from Reid Hoffman – founder of LinkedIn) 

Good enough is good enough” (from Dave Dee) 

I am not saying you should ever release rubbish Your programs need to be good – they just DONT NEED to BE PERFECT

So try and remove the shackles of the perfectionist curse and get your programs out to the world. 

I hope this help you in your health business.   

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