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Post Coronavirus Trends All Health Business Owners MUST Know

Since Coronavirus raised its head I have been harping on about the opportunities this crisis has presented to health business owners.

However, as we emerge from lockdown we are seeing a number of interesting trends across the health business landscape.

Some trends include:

– Many health business are recording record weeks as their clients emerge from lockdown with renewed interest in their health and wellbeing.

– Some of the increased demand is due to a rise in musculoskeletal problems brought on by changes to work spaces, bad home office setups and changing exercise habits and activities.

– Businesses who are the fasted to recover have the best patient communication systems and most effective team training in place including effective use of the phone, SMS, direct mail, email, Facebook and Instagram.

– There is an increase in available labor supply meaning smart owners are able to grow their teams with quality therapists and admin team members (one of my VIP clients had close to 20 applicants for a therapy position and another had 140 for an admin position).

– More available labour supply has led to increased team member compliance as team members realize their job is not 100% guarantee and they can be replaced if they do not perform to the owners expectations.

As a result of these trends there is a perfect situation developing in the world of health business ownership.

NOW is the ideal time to train your team so you capitalize on the increased demand for your services and get ALL TEAM MEMBERS involved in your business success.

Here are just a few of the team training activities my VIP clients are focusing on:

– improving treatment plan delivery so all clients complete their full course of care

– reducing cancellations and no shows to improve client outcomes

– ramping up the patient follow up and communication systems so every client stays, pays and refers.

– generating Google Reviews and referrals from current clients to increase profits

– increasing front desk conversions from enquiry to booking to maximize leads and income

– improving product sales and back end income strategies to increase client outcomes

– telephone training sessions for admin and therapists so no lead is missed

There is no other way to say it – the success of your health business post Covid depends on the quality of your team training and internal systems.

Which is why I decided to make my 2020 End of Financial Year Offer an absolute NO BRAINER for owners wanting to improve profits, remove the business reliance on you, and make your new team member inductions simple and easy.

Even if you’re not Australian, you can benefit from this crazy offer and ridiculous guarantee!

Full details of my 2020 EOFY Offer will be in an email to be sent at 10am this Thursday June 25th – Sydney time.

However, if you wanted a sneak peak and beat the rush you can check out the EOFY 2020 info page at:


Good luck with your team training.