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How Social Media and My Database Gave Me Two Record Weeks – in the Middle of the Coronavirus – Video Interview with Paul Wright and Nick Schuster


In this interview with Paul Wright, Ultimate Physio creator Nick Schuster, shares the exact systems, action steps and strategies he used to ensure his health business not only survived Coronavirus, but has just recorded 2 of his best weeks ever.

Make sure you stay to the end of the 47 Minute session as I give you a special coupon code to use if you want to get your team to have access to the full “Ultimate Social Media and Online Advertising Client Attraction System“.

In this presentation for health business owners you will learn:

– How Nick went from over 100 cancellations a week to a record month and a new therapist now being fully booked

– The exact 3 step strategy you can use to nurture and build your community so you can come out of COVID bigger and better than ever

– Why there has never been a better time to reach out to your database and why your team are now more compliant than ever

– Why Nick did ZERO Telehealth consults and how his strategy has paid massive dividends as he came out of the pandemic

– How one litre of milk led to a lifetime client and referrer

– The 4 pillars of excellent social media content you can use to be seen as the expert in your community and guarantee a full appointment book

– The single best social media post and email you can send to instantly engage with your community

– Why Paul deleted over 3500 people from his email database and why you need to do the same to build a great health business

– How frequently you should email your patient list and exactly what content to share in your emails

– The only FREE or discount offer Nick made during COVID and how you can use this strategy to build your goodwill and community engagement