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Wrighty Breaks His Silence – What All Owners Must Know About Growing in a Crisis

I am in the unique position of having VIP Mentor clients across multiple professions in countries around the world.

This has given me a front row seat at how each country has reacted, and the impact different regulations have had on health businesses during the Coronavirus pandemic.

In response to the crisis, many health business mentors and leaders have delivered webinars and shared strategies to help owners survive the crisis – and of which have been excellent.

During this time I have personally been super busy supporting my VIP clients thought this difficult time.

Writing email text, providing resources and helping them through the tough decisions of staff levels, marketing and getting up to speed with digital delivery.

It is only in the last few days I have had time to reflect on the crisis and record my own personal response on the pandemic – titled:

“Stress, Leadership and Opportunities from Coronavirus – What All Health Business Owners Must Know About Growing in a Crisis”.

In this FREE 50 minute presentation, I wanted to present something a little different to what is already available.

I wanted to share more about the opportunities this situation is presenting to health business owners rather than focus on the negatives.

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Here is just some of what I cover in this FREE presentation:

– Why you don’t really own a health practice at all and how understanding this can totally free you from the issues created by the Coronavirus crisis

– How I lost a pumping business in just 24 hours and the lessons we can all learn from my experience

– The 2 key drivers of success as a business owner and why understanding both can unlock massive growth for unlock massive growth for our businesses

– Exactly how to lead your team through the crisis so you emerge bigger and stronger than before

– The most important thing any health clinic can do right now to increase engagement with your client list

– The one word you should NEVER use right now when speaking to clients about your practice

– How to increase your referrals NOW – even if you are not currently delivering face to face consultations

– The 3 step approach to converting manual therapy clients into paying Telehealth clients which generates income as well as guarantees their loyalty to the practice once the crisis has passed.

– How to use the Coronavirus crisis to dramatically increase profits and reduce your clinical hours once the worst is over.

– How to take advantage of the new labour market and position yourself as the preferred employer.

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Enjoy the training and keep safe.