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How to Build an Online Store and Leverage it to Survive a Cashflow Crisis

With the current health and economic crisis from Coronavirus causing massive issues across the globe, it is important we still look for opportunities and ideas as we settle into a new normal.

One huge area of growth as a result of the current challenges is in online shopping and the development of extra income streams to run in parallel to our bricks and mortar businesses.

One gem inside the online shop and technology interface is the increase of “Print on Demand” services to grow our businesses and increase our brand awareness in the community.

Even in tough times it is important you stand out and keep promoting your business as many of your competitors will simply go into hibernation during any forced shutdown.

Which is why I was so excited to interview USA based Physical Therapist and Online Store expert Andrew Tran  – about how to add an online store and use it to promote your health business

In his Profit Club session titled “How to Build an Online Store and Leverage it to Grow Your Brand” – Andrew shares exactly how any health business can set up an online store for next to nothing.

As Andrew explains in his presentation the growth of “Print on Demand” companies has allowed health business owners to add an online store which sell anything from T-Shirts and Hoodies, to Shoes and Jewellery.

But here is the best part.

All of this merchandise can be branded with your practice details or any number of dynamic and interesting slogans to add a real sense of fun to your practice

As Andrew explains – some of his best clients have clothing with text such as:

This PT Runs on Coffee and Squats

I am Not Sure if I Have a Vestibular Issue or if it is St Patrick’s Day” 


You Got Passed by Someone with a Knee Replacement

I am also sure there will be reference to Coronavirus in some of the products once the current crisis has passed.

The print on demand systems means you do not have to risk placing orders for stock you can’t sell, or having thousands of dollars tied up in inventory.

There are no limits to what items you can sell on your site or the actual text and graphics you want on each item.

What a fantastic and fun way to promote your practice and even add a little extra income as you can set whatever price you like on each item on your store.

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